Risky Business, Sunglasses, Tom Cruise If you choose to wear the Ray-Ban RB New Wayfarer Sunglasses, you’ll become part of a classic style that’s celebrated across the world. These shades take you back in time when the classic Wayfarer was a trendy fashion accessory in the s.

So if you think this isn't real, Look at this advertisement I just found from All the old articles people keep bringing up to 'prove' they were right are directly contradicting this whole parallel universe theory and instead actually further proves that people generally suck at remembering stuff. What's to be debunked? This one could potentially be huge.

Risky Business brought back Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer in , and then four years later, Top Gun did the same thing for the aviator silhouette. Of course, that is the simplified version of the story. Of course, that is the simplified version of the story.
Tom Cruise has been influencing our choice in sunglasses for decades, ever since the iconic films Risky Business and Top Gun hit the scene in the ’s. And now, in the new movie American Made, Tom Cruise’s impresses audiences yet again, this time .
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Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses have been manufactured by Ray-Ban since , Tom Cruise's wearing of Wayfarers in the movie Risky Business was one of the key placements, and that year , pairs were sold.
Risky Business, Sunglasses, Tom Cruise If you choose to wear the Ray-Ban RB New Wayfarer Sunglasses, you’ll become part of a classic style that’s celebrated across the world. These shades take you back in time when the classic Wayfarer was a trendy fashion accessory in the s.
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TV & Movies Tom Cruises Sunglasses gone in Risky Business movie scene (rusticzcountrysstylexhomedecor.tkaEffect) submitted 1 year ago * by littlepeach16 I have always remembered tom cruise having sunglasses on whilst dancing in risky business.

When he tries to call Lana, Guido answers; he tells Joel that he will let Joel buy back his furniture. Joel and his friends manage to get everything moved back in just as his parents walk in, though his mother notices a crack in her egg. Later, Joel's father congratulates him; the interviewer was very impressed and has indicated Joel will be accepted into Princeton. Joel meets Lana at a restaurant, and they speculate about their future. She tells him that she wants to keep on seeing him; he jokes that it will cost her.

The remastered 25th-anniversary edition offers "both the upbeat studio ending and Mr. Brickman's original, more tentative and melancholic conclusion". The film was scored by Tangerine Dream. Their music comprises nearly half of the soundtrack album. The soundtrack album was released on Virgin Records , Tangerine Dream's record company at the time of the film's release. The LP and CD versions of the soundtrack include two different versions of "Love on a Real Train Risky Business ," neither of which match the version used in the film for the final love scene or closing credits.

Risky Business was acclaimed by critics. It is also considered by many as one of the best films of Roger Ebert was much more positive, calling it a film of "new faces and inspired insights and genuine laughs" and "one of the smartest, funniest, most perceptive satires in a long time" that "not only invites comparison with The Graduate , it earns it".

The very best thing about the movie is its dialogue. Paul Brickman, who wrote and directed, has an ear so good that he knows what to leave out. This is one of those movies where a few words or a single line says everything that needs to be said, implies everything that needs to be implied, and gets a laugh.

When the hooker tells the kid, "Oh, Joel, go to school, go learn something," the precise inflection of those words defines their relationship for the next three scenes.

Variety said the film was like a "promising first novel, with all the pros and cons that come with that territory" and complimented Brickman on "the stylishness and talent of his direction.

The magazine called the film a "sharp satire of privileged suburban teens", portraying the "soul-crushing pressure to be perfect. In the years since the film's release, the scene featuring Cruise's character dancing in his pink dress shirt and white briefs to " Old Time Rock and Roll " by Bob Seger has been recreated in episodes of many television series, as well as in films, parodies, and advertisements. The song was on AFI's Years From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Risky Business disambiguation.

Theatrical release poster by Carl Ramsey [1]. Tom Cruise Rebecca De Mornay. Goodson Janet Carroll as Mrs. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved 28 July Retrieved May 21, Retrieved from " https: Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references. I'm leaning towards this being a change, though. Especially with this video https: Don't think its possible someone would make such a mistake. It's an iconic picture. It's like in Ferris Bueller how he is well known for the chase scene, even though that was just a small part of the entire movie.

Do I need to break this down for you? That is a definite positive answer without a doubt. That is absolutely hilarious. People will say anything to trying to debunk these cases. Now instead of being "cool" Tom cruise he is looking similar to a Ferris Bueller nerdy type. HELLO yes he had them on in the dance scene. I'm so fkng sure people sit around and freak out just because he only has shades on the cover.

Give me a break. Here's alf imitating cruise in the scene dancing to the same song. I don't know why I didn't think of just posting here before. Were you there in my classroom the week the movie came out? Were you in on the conversations of "how cool it was to dance around in the house in gasp sunglasses!?

This was all anyone could talk about.. Family life was much different back then. You got the crap beat out of you with hands, belts and everything in between. You NEVER wore sunglasses inside because the sun was not shining and if you did, you'd have a shiner the next day.

Case will never be closed. See you'd have to wear the shades if you were doing that as a costume, as Cruise was known for wearing them. I always remember his face expressions in the scene, but yeah, if you want to be a Tom Cruise, you have to wear Ray Bans, even if he didn't in the scene. You might have really found something there. I would have sworn he had sunglasses on - and I garauntee you if you were to ask any random stranger at the supermarket to describe tom cruise in that scene they would do the same.

Oops, "common misconception", silly us! For those that don't understand the dolly reference, at 1. No pink shirt, definitely black shades. I was a dancer so I pay attention to dancing scenes. It was iconic and taking off the glasses and throwing them to the side was part of the dance that no longer exists. I saw this very recently and I distinctly remember thinking something along the lines of "Tom is really showing off those whitey tightys".

First sentence of the article: On August 5, , Tom Cruise—wearing Ray-Bans and his skivvies—starred in the teen dramedy Risky Business and slid his way into pop culture history. For this costume, grab a white button down t-shirt. Pair it with very short shorts that are not visible below the shirt.

Include white socks and a pair of sunglasses. Now you are Tom Cruise. That is a link to Never Been Kissed, David Arquettes character parodies that scene - sunglasses included.

The Wayfarer slid back into style when Tom Cruise wore them in the famous underwear dance scene in the movie Risky Business. There is not a single action in this wide world that make me feel more empathic embarrassment than air guitar. That is an activity which is best left to Tom Cruise wearing Raybans, a white oxford shirt and a flawless pair of tighty whities. The most ridiculous aspect of the Bob Segar underwear scene was not that he is dancing around in socks and a shirt, or even playing air guitar and rolling around on the couch with his feet in the air looking stupid - it's the quite obvious fact that he's wearing sunglasses in the fucking house.

I remember the sunglasses so vividly, that if I had seen the original scene now I would have been shocked. Scrubs Risky Business [1: The fact that so many people are actually attempting to debunk this is insane. If you weren't even born when this movie came out, you don't need to comment at all. Those of us who grew up on this movie, know for a fact, without a doubt, he had on sunglasses. This might be kind of a tangent, but this is something about this sub that doesn't make sense to me.

A lot of people remember him with the shades in this, when in fact he does not have them. What's to be debunked? The Mandela Effect is the phenomenon when many people misremember something the same way.

Say for instance a bunch of people think that Kit Kat is actually spelled Kit-Kat, when in fact it's always been Kit Kat. It's a perfectly innocent mistake to make. This sub, however, is overtaken by people who can't accept that they've been wrong about something, so they invent this theory that they've actually just moved to a different universe. No, it's literally the entire universe that is wrong'.

Loads of people, myself included, stick around to tell them occasionally that 'maybe you're just misremembering'. I'm assuming that's what the bloke you replied to was referring to. All the old articles people keep bringing up to 'prove' they were right are directly contradicting this whole parallel universe theory and instead actually further proves that people generally suck at remembering stuff.

This one could potentially be huge. Especially with all the proof left in articles and spoofs!!! Not to mention the Sally Fields one in addition to other actors whose movies scenes or names have changed but they claim never changed.

This got downvoted, but your point is legit. Sally in particular is related to 3 or 4 MEs and has a brother who's let her tour CERN, I think we should hesitate on writing off correlations as 'coincidences' given the subject matter. I don't think he ever had them on in the seen. It was just one of those things where all the parodies added them to make it more familiar-everyone remembers the movie poster where Cruise is wearing the shades and so they make the mental connection.

Mind posting a link to the video? Never seen that myself is there video footage of it? The more skeptics who comment in a thread the more you should believe something is up with a particular ME. Also notice the strange comment history solely dedicated to debunking ME. Anyone else notice right before the dancing scene, he's pouring a drink and in the closeup it's a "Coke" can, then when panned out it's a "Coca-Cola" can? Connection to "Coke Zero"?

I hope Corey Hart doesn't blip out of existence now that sunglasses are no longer required. Sounds like a world with perfect teeth and eyesight. Maybe SPF sun block will disappear too. TNG episode "Remember Me". I have the image in my head and it's Tom Cruise with Ray Ban sunglasses, but now when I watch again the original scene, he didn't have it. Please someone that also see this video, please confirmed me that I am not crazy and he really wear a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses before.

I am shocked about this, because I remember watching before the original scene, he wear Ray Ban sunglasses in the tv show. I've never actually seen the movie, but I do recall that every homage I've seen had sunglasses.

Same with the Sally Field "You like me" Oscar speech. People misremember a lot of this stuff, some of these things honestly unsettle me though. Finally, somebody who has a true grasp on what's really going on with these "ME" corruptions. David Arquette dressed as Tom Cruise in the dance scene. On the movie Never been kissed. Why are the great forces of nature changing tiny bits of film scenes and song lyrics instead of I dunno, changing the colour of the sky? Or the colour of trees?

Chartreuse and puce are two colors that no longer represent what many remember. They come in all sizes, friend. Personally I think it's some sort of parallel universes overlapping sort of deal. CERN related stuff is compelling, their work with the god particle and their level of technology is unbelievable. Black holes, trying to reach out to other dimensions, makes sense that inconsistencies would start appearing in the fabric of reality after they start messing with stuff.

So why does it mess with the number of letters in a name or take Tom Cruise's sunglasses off in an 80's movie? Oh god, who knows. Just keep your eyes open, recognize when things don't make sense, and ask questions.

If the answer doesn't fit, keep asking - don't let yourself be blinded. We don't have to know what's going on. Mandela effect for me is a lot more than some misspellings. The entire continents are in different places. Mona Lisa is like totally different. I have experienced 5 of them. Do you know what it means? It means that i have seen with my own eyes that 5 of these Mandela effects changed back to the way that ME ppl remembered. You know what happened? But Hillary Clinton has always been Hillary Clinton.

The number of L's can just be attributed to bad spelling in the media. It literally means nothing, whether it's 1 L or 2 L's. Her birth certificate has ALWAYS been the same, it's just people in the media were too ignorant to find out the correct spelling. This lucky person wasn't affected by this particuler Mandela. Based on the large amount of reality residue, I believe you have indeed found a heretofore unnoticed ME.

There are a significant number of YouTube videos without the glasses, going as far back as There is other circumstantial evidence for the current reality online, which also dates back to around that time. This means that the sunglasses being deleted likely did not just happen recently.

It probably happened around the same time as the other major ME's, in that window of time between We don't really know what causes the Effect and nobody has done enough concerted research to establish a proper timeline by comparing the dates of reality residue items with the dates of evidence of the new reality which to be fair might be impossible.

Whatever caused the ME's might have been a one-time event. Or it might have been the result of something that was going on during a specific window of time intermittently such as particle colliders running experiments, for example.

At least none that seem to have actually happened in Most of the people on this sub seem to think the Effect is no longer happening. We are definitely in some kind of dry-spell, with reports being limited to personal experiences rather than large scale changes noticed by large numbers of people.

The Sunglasses Tom Cruise wears in Risky Business defined the look many guys wanted to rock in the 80's and early 90's. Check out the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses Tom Cruise Wears. Risky Business, Sunglasses, Tom Cruise If you choose to wear the Ray-Ban RB New Wayfarer Sunglasses, you’ll become part of a classic style that’s celebrated across the world. These shades take you back in time when the classic Wayfarer was a trendy fashion accessory in the s. Ironically, for a movie named Risky Business, the movie proved to be a wonderful business move for Ray Ban and not at all risky, for the career of Tom Cruise! PS: CTS Wholesale Sunglasses are here, 24/7 to help retailers, with styles comparable to Ray Ban's and many, many other brands of sunglasses.