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The more traditional and stylistic pleated trousers have pleats of material that fold down the front from below the waistband on either side of the fly.

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Men come in lots of different shapes and sizes and finding the right fit can be a lot trickier than it first appears. Here are the best trouser styles for your body shape. Read more Men’s Style Guide features and check out our store.
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Men’s s trousers, pants, or slacks had medium to wide legs that tapered and cuffed at the ankles. They also fit very high up on the waist reaching to the bottom of the ribs. Popular colors were striped, plaid or solid color browns, grey, and navy blue pants. Held up with a belt or button on.
Understanding Mens Trousers, Men's Slacks, trouser pleats, pant cuffs, trouser pockets, How a man wears pants. A single fold on each side of the trousers is the most common style, but double pleats on each side will add more flexibility, making it ideal for men with wider legs.

Once strictly the preserve of fictional (and real) inhabitants of academia, corduroy is one of the most underutilised materials in men’s style and, if worn correctly, can make for an indispensable pair of .

Unlike the pleated trousers, flat front trousers lack any sort of pleats down the front. The clean lines of flat front trousers lend themselves to be worn with fitted jackets and sleek accessories and are popular with younger trouser wearers, though flat-front trousers can effectively be worn by anyone who desires.

Another stylistic consideration that must be taken into view is trouser cuffs or the lack thereof. A cuff is an upturned flap of material that goes all the way around the leg hem. Cuffs can be made in a variety of depths, anywhere from one inch to two inches though these are merely general boundaries. Cuffs must be made on trousers with pleated fronts.

This is a requirement that not only has a long tradition but balances out the trousers, keeping the trousers from being too busy on top. However, flat-front trousers can be made with or without cuffs, though traditionally cuffs are preferred.

What style of trousers you choose depends partly upon personal preference and partly on body type. Body type can play an important role in choosing trouser styles. While skinny, long-legged men can effectively wear both the flat-front and pleated trousers , portly or shorter men must be more careful when picking a style.

Depending upon individual body shape, larger men may want to avoid pleated trousers as the extra bulk of the pleats could add extra pounds of visual weight. Try on the two different styles of trousers and see which you prefer the most.

They do offer a narrower, sleeker front than pleated trousers — so long as the wearer is standing and mostly stationary. Tall, slim men particularly benefit from plain-front trousers, as any extra cloth around the hips can make their trousers appear too loose.

For most men, however, pleats will usually be both the best-looking option and the most comfortable. Trouser cuffs are not a necessary embellishment, but, like trouser pleats, they are often the best-looking option for most men. Trouser cuffs help add a bit of extra weight to the garment, which helps pull them straight at the bottom and keeps them from billowing about too much. Of course, shorter men may want to avoid cuffs for just that reason, and some men find the unbroken line of uncuffed trousers more appealing.

There is nothing less formal or dressy about uncuffed trousers; simply be aware that they should be cut slightly lower in the back of the opening than the front to keep a clean drape and that they should be fitted particularly closely to prevent any billowing of the fabric.

Uncuffed trousers also tend to have a slightly shorter life span, as the doubled-over fabric of a cuff wears a bit better and can always be turned over a touch further by a tailor to hide and wear-and-tear without changing the look of the garment.

In the interests of balance, pleated pants almost always feature cuffs and plain-front trousers are frequently cuffless. Breaking these rules does not exactly constitute a glaring faux pas, but it would be an odd stylistic choice, and risks drawing attention to the trousers — the opposite of their function.

Traditionally, the front pocket opening on a pair of dress trousers is a straight up-and-down slit, usually with no or very minimal hemming. This is to reduce its visual impact, hiding the fact that there is a pocket there at all as much as possible.

Slanted pockets , particularly with a distinctive hem, are more casual but still appropriate on most trousers. You will almost never see the scooped style of jeans pockets on dress pants, outside of the occasional pair of corduroys or similar dress-casual wear. Back pockets, like the front pockets, are most traditionally a single, unadorned slit, this time horizontal. Contrary to its sometimes stuffy connotations, corduroy is brilliant when dressed down and worn casually. This stripey fabric also does an excellent job of adding a touch of personality to more formal attire.

A slim-cut corduroy suit will make an excellent companion for a light-gauge roll neck and monk-strap shoes come party season. Swerve the shirt and tie, though — Doctor Who has rendered that combo unwearable everywhere outside of Comic Con.

A good piece of workwear puts in a shift if you want to assert your old-school masculine credentials. Cut from heavyweight cotton, woven to create a surface comprising diagonal parallel ridges, twill is a traditional material that, if invested in, will give excellent cost-per-wear calculations thanks to its hardy nature. The style is still, strictly speaking, a casual trouser so wear them with an easy-going pair of shoes such as anything with a contrast Vibram sole , a T-shirt or piece of knitwear and top with an overshirt or denim jacket for an effortlessly cool off-duty look.

The skinny jeans backlash is officially on. Tired of indecently outlined genitalia and trying and failing to remove our skinnies with dignity after a night out, relaxed-legged jeans and trousers are looking more and more appealing by the day. While they are perfect for providing a platform for a standout piece of footwear, looser-cut chinos and trousers need to break perfectly.

There have been some excellent hybrids over the years: The sports-luxe movement is still a draw Stateside, and while UK labels took slightly longer to catch up, young Brits have taken the look to their hearts.

Ankle swingers, as some want to call them, are here to stay — and with good reason. Allowing your ankles to breathe in summer while still giving airtime to your footwear in cooler months, cropped trousers are a great way to spice up what can be a tired formal outfit.

Getting the length right is crucial, though. Cropped chinos in a sand colour will work well with a simple white shirt, premium suede bomber and white sports-luxe trainers on the weekend.

Meanwhile, for more formal occasions, black cropped trousers worn with a grey blazer, charcoal roll neck and oxblood dress shoes is ideal for a relaxed business-casual office. Cargo trousers have enjoyed something of a potted history, going from army essential to early noughties oversized monstrosity. The key to getting cargo trousers rightis ensuring that they hit the middle ground between slim and spacious, so think tailored.

Our casual pants are perfect daily wear for business casual or weekend wear. Once strictly the preserve of fictional (and real) inhabitants of academia, corduroy is one of the most underutilised materials in men’s style and, if worn correctly, can make for an indispensable pair of . Free shipping on men's pants at Shop men's dress pants, chinos, casual pants and joggers. Totally free shipping & returns.