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The following is a standard size chart and is meant to assist you in choosing the correct size for your baby or infant. Please understand that all babies are unique. If you are uncertain which size to choose we recommend you go with the larger size.
Baby clothes (like adults) seem to be inconsistent in sizing. After cycling through baby clothes that no longer fit my baby boy, and pulling out clothes that will, I became aware of how frustrating it is to have to compare sizes of each item.
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Dresses had a powerful potential in displaying social distinction. In general Baby Fashion was exploited by the high classes, or the so-called elite, to traduce symbols of power, wealth, richness. Children's appearance was useful to represent the family's position in the society.

While, on the other side, the working classes were not involved in this kind of practice, since clothes should have been practical and not expensive. It must be remembered that in the feudal society, as in the industrial society , children worked as well as adults. The symbolic value of Baby Fashion between high classes and the nobility was not only a western peculiarity. For example, in some African or oriental countries colors and shapes took a particular importance, while Western elites concentrated on fabrics and precious materials.

But probably Western European Fashion put a stronger stress on the representation of social position through clothing; in fact, this practice became customary already in the late 13th century.

Family paintings and portraits were very common between the European high classes, so today we have plenty of examples of ancient Baby Fashion features. A particular characteristic of ancient Baby Fashion is the absence of marked gender distinctions between young children. After a certain age, girls were painted in big gowns, and boys in trousers, or commonly military uniforms.

But before they reached ten years of age, usually, children were represented wearing gowns, no matter if they are boys or girls. The symbols of wealth and power are translated by these rich dresses, with huge gowns full of trims, ornaments, and embroidered details.

This kind of style developed in the Spanish Court in the 14th century and became common also in other Catholic Countries as Italy or France. This rich style makes very difficult, almost for a modern observer, to recognize boys from girls. Many examples come from 17th and 18th century European Court, where family paintings where very important expressions of power.

In France Elizabeth Vigée-Lebrun's paintings represented young Mary Antoinette 's children, and the younger Queen's son is dressed in a white, soft, traditional gown and coif. In the United States, before the s children predominantly wore clothing made by their parents. In the s, infant and toddler clothing fashion design became an increasing source of revenue for US designer labels and fashion design houses, such as Polo Ralph Lauren and Guess. The age of first-time mothers has been increasing in Western cultures , from For the revision, wholesale infant clothing is in category Women's, Children's, and Infants' Clothing and Accessories Merchant Wholesalers [8] and retail infant clothing is in category Children's and Infants' Clothing Stores.

The imitating model has changed over years. In the past nobility owned what was perceived as an ideal style paradigm. While nowadays, the upper-middle class embodies the ideal fashion; especially, in today's pop culture , this role is covered by celebrities and the so-called V.

Clothes have long been used to hide sexual differences in its strong biological sense and, at the same time, to point up and signal it through assumptions concerning gender in clothing codes. The manner in which an infant is dressed "affects behavior toward the infant".

A study found that US parents were not "bothered by strangers' mistaking the infant's sex". Gender is a way in which social practices are ordered. In gender differentiation process, the everyday conduct of life is organized in relation to biological differences, defined by the bodily structures and processes of human reproduction.

Bodies are therefore both agents and objects of practice. Such body-reflexive practices that define the social structure are not internal to the individual, but they involve social relations and shared symbolism.

They may well involve large-scale social institutions. Within this body structured practices, particular versions of femininity and masculinity are materialized as meaningful bodies and embodied meanings. Through body-reflexive practices and through the biological division of human bodies into male and female, more than individual lives are formed: I liked that Gap Kids tended to run true to size or "large" compared to other baby clothes.

I have found that because Carter's and Gerber have been around so long and the clothes are so readily available, that people tend to assign their sizing as some sort of norm. Carter's probably was true to size when they started years ago but babies are born bigger now, generally, so the line appears to run small.

When designing our line, Stylease, which are one-piece rompers designed to look like separates, it was important to get the sizing just right because a one-piece has to address the trunk length of the baby, in addition to the inseam and arm length.

Stylease runs true-to-size, which some would say, runs large. When buying off the web, always ask for a size chart if one is not available. If the baby lives in a seasonal climate, you can't just get the next size up to be safe, because it might not fit when the weather changes Just make sure the company has a good exchange or return policy in case you need to swap a size.

The best sizing chart easy to read at a glance is at littlelunablue. Saying months, while useful in a broad sense, is a little misleading as, for example, my son is already 59cm at 6 weeks old while my daughter was the same after 3 months! The ages mentioned serve for general orientation only.

Especially useful when you want to give a present whilst not being familiar with kids' sizes! To avoid disappointment and have a more precise idea of the correct size, we advise you to compare our charts with a current well fitting item of your little one. When in doubt, we recommend to order one size up, as in general European sizes do fit rather slim. Golf shirts - short sleeve Simply Colors size width length approx.

Tank Tops Simply Colors size width length approx. Rugbyshirt Simply Colors size width length approx. Sweat Pants Simply Colors size waist length approx.

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Buying baby clothes is a lot like playing the lottery; you hedge your bets on a number, and hope it's the right one. But it doesn't have to be that way. While it's true that babies grow really fast, it is possible to buy clothes for them that will fit - at least for now. Use our size and . Baby Buddy Size-It Closet Organizers - Baby Clothes Closet Dividers – Nursery Clothing Organization for Babies and Kids up to Size 8, Grey, 5 Count by Baby Buddy $ $ 4 Baby clothes sizes are generally determined by length and weight, so take these measurements into account when shopping. While some store offerings are simply irresistible, try not to go overboard. "Most clothes won't fit your baby for long, even for the smallest infants and especially the newborn sizes," explains Maggie Stevens, a parenting expert and the author of The Parent Fix.